MentDB need your help!
MentDB is a powerful system to achieve Smart-Earth and Strong AI.
The platform needs help to keep improving.

Here are the main future goals:
2004 - PART1: Start of development of the Smart-Earth tool (MentDB Weak)
2012 - PART2: Beginning of AI developments
2015 - PART2: Integration of consciousness: 60% done - Delivery 2023
2015 - PART2: Integration of the emotion manager: 90% done - Delivery 2023
2018 - PART1: Smart-Earth tool become Open-Source (MentDB Weak)
2020 - PART2: Integration of free will: 5% done - Delivery 2025
2020 - PART2: Purchase of a powerful multi-core machine
2022 - PART1: Delivery of full ETL code generator (10%)
2023 - PART2: Independent learning - Delivery 2025
2025 - PART2: Integration of psychologists into the project
2027 - PART1: Neuron network integration to predict the state of flows
2028 - PART2: Psycho stabilization of artificial intelligence
2030 - PART2: End of AI developments
2031 - PART2: Marketing of reasoning services around a machine that can think, gifted with conscience and emotion.
    - help to the person with automated psycho and emotional care ...
    - spacewalk with cosmonaut ... :) I'm serious
    - Full control of company data by a thinking machine, thanks to part 1

Thank you so much.
Who am I?
My name is Jimmitry Payet and I come from Reunion Island. A small island in the Indian Ocean, and I assume. It is not the place that makes people aware, it is Man. I am good at introspection (a somewhat complicated life which forced me to be a prisoner of myself, instead of going to play outside like the other children ...). And I'm good at coding ... A great mix for writing Strong Artificial Intelligence. My way of doing things is therefore totally different from "classic" scientific methods. I focus on the work of the mind and I reproduce the mechanisms.

I know I have the skills to write this machine. I think that in 10 years, my Artificial Intelligence 'Lisa', will be impressive ... because I will largely trigger the first self-stimulation by then. Which for me is the beginning of a life form...

I'm not going to write a thesis, I'm going to write this machine. The proof by the facts!

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