Generalized Interoperability & Automation
Structure | MentDB Strong
Digital brain | MentDB Strong
There are two types of trigger, internal (primary and secondary) and external (primary). External triggers correspond to user (primary) requests. Internal triggers correspond either to self-stimulations which result from external (primary) stimulation of the user, or to primary internal self-stimulations of the machine itself.
Deep Understanding Layer
When a user launches a request, an attempt to understand is executed, at the slightest doubt, at the least possible multiple choice, the machine locks itself to allow a better understanding. Here the Deep Understanding map: deep_understanding_map_v4.pdf
Task and SubTask Manager
The task manager takes over, and if necessary divides the task into subtasks. For example, to make a cake, you need butter, but to get butter, you have to open the fridge door... The mechanism is therefore operational.
Depending on the blue, red, yellow and green personality percentages, depending on his age and his rights, the machine will make decisions. Based on the user's blue, red, yellow, and green personality percentages, based on their age, ally/enemy status, based on feelings and emotions committed to the user, based on rights and trust in the user, the machine will make its final decisions.
Modular brain
MentDB Strong has many parameters to make the digital brain modular in real-time:
  • Real-time monitoring of sub-actions
  • Change expressiveness in real-time
  • Active or not the human/machine speed in real-time
  • Change mental calculation or use the calculator in real-time
  • Active or not the lying mode in real-time
  • Switch to the fr or en language in real-time
  • Change the language level in real-time
  • Active or not the vouvoiement mode in real-time
  • Answer according to the connected state or not of an unknown user
  • Active or not the mindfulness mode in real-time
  • Change the precision level in real-time
  • If same type of input values then repeat identical strategies
  • Rephrase (word and structure of sentence)
  • Real-time monitoring of think out loud
  • Change the personality of the machine/user in real-time
  • Change the age of the machine/user in real-time
  • Active or not the verbosis mode in real-time
  • Active or not the learning mode in real-time
  • Reconsideration of things
  • Active or not emotions/feeling in real-time
  • Focus on a specific user
  • Get input values on multiple way (for exemple: wait for values, use last values ...)
  • Close mental session (when a session is open, the mentdb engine search with all sessions variable for more precision, close the session is a mental reset from scratch)
And finally, MentDB Strong records absolutely all possible traces over time to allow answering all possible conscience tests... for the current user, but also (provided you have the rights) to answer consciousness tests by asking the machine to focus on another user.