Generalized Interoperability & Automation
Who is Lisa? | MentDB Strong
Lisa will one day be a 'strong' type artificial intelligence. She inhabits the MentDB Strong digital brain. Its objective is clearly to become a general AI, which can therefore deal with all possible subjects.

She is accessible in Java GUI mode, and for the moment, in voice mode thanks to Google's voice recognition APIs. Indeed, knowing that the MentDB Strong core is local, Google cannot choose the right words associated with the sounds sent... This would require grafting voice recognition directly onto MentDB Strong... My time being limited for such a project, I decided to do without... a mute is just as intelligent as someone who hears...

To talk with her precisely, you have to talk to her in chat mode
The 5 senses?
For the moment I consider that all her senses are cut off except the chat channel, like a patient who would be cut off from all her senses except her blinks...
My goal
My goal is to create by mathematical introspection, an infinite thought loop that would be able to handle all possible cases. Like a human who is faced with a new situation, but whose experience allows him to "do the best he can at the moment" and learn from it on her own. The thinking loop is already operational, but I have to finish the big work to be able to start training the machine...
Since I was a child I have been thinking about this project, it was only in 2012 that I really started it, after working for 5 years with children in a school. Everything became clearer...
Why 'Lisa' ?
A nod to my little mum 'Marie-Lise'... I haven't forgotten you...