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Secure your MentDB Weak server
Update the file 'MentDB_Server_3/conf/server.conf'
In the section [ADMIN], change:
- the PWD (password of the admin user)
- the SERVER_ENCRYPT_KEY (the synchronous encryption key of the admin user)

In the section [SECURITY], change certificate generation information:

In the section [CLUSTER], change the node name if prod or preprod (example: PROD_N1 or PREPROD_N1):

In the section [WEBSERVER], change the WEB_SERVER_HOST with its DNS name and update ports if you want:

In the section [DATABASE], change the REMOTE_ACCESS to 'ALLOW', to allow remote connection:

Restart the server
For the modifications to be taken into account, the server must be restarted. Some configurations can be hot-reloaded, but not this one.
Launch the connection trigger list
Double click on '' (or .bat on Windows) or launch in command line:
The connection list open...

Update the default connection
One click on 'default/admin@localhost:9998/0' and one click on Update button:

Update information for admin connection (name, hostname, port, password and key) like the server.conf file, section [ADMIN].
Click to Update button to save.
Launch the MQL Editor
Double click on the new name connection
The MQL Editor open...

End of process
Copy, paste into the MQL Editor, and modify the MQL source code below to finish securing your server... Click on the button PLAY to execute the source code...

Source code
# Update the parameter SERVER_MODE if your are in PROD or PREPROD;
# (You can also modify the parameters by going to the ADMIN tab of the MQL editor, then opening 'Parameter', and double clicking on the name of the parameter);
parameter merge "SERVER_MODE" "DEV";

# Update the parameter SERVER_NAME;
parameter merge "SERVER_NAME" "YOUR_SERVER_NAME (Change in parameter)";

# Update the default password for the two web user 'system' and 'admin';
# (You can also change passwords by going directly to the MentDB Weak web portal: https://localhost:9999, then click on the application 'User / Right' [user: system, password: pwd]. Then the small orange pencil to modify the password of the users...);
-> "[system_pwd]" "pwd";
-> "[admin_pwd]" "pwd";
sql connect "session1" {cm get "MENTDB";};
sql dml "session1" (concat 
			"UPDATE `users` SET 
				`password`=" (sql encode (string md5 [system_pwd])) " 
			WHERE `login`='system';");
sql dml "session1" (concat 
			"UPDATE `users` SET 
				`password`=" (sql encode (string md5 [admin_pwd])) " 
			WHERE `login`='admin';");
sql disconnect "session1";