Jimmitry Payet - Founder
Hi! My name is Jim and I am an experienced researcher/developer. I offer my private R&D skills to those who need it. Who am I ? Above all, I am a passionate at the service of humanity, a visionary and a determined person. Power and money does not interest me. It is the future that interests me! If one day we do work together, you will be dealing with me, and chances are you will enjoy being in direct contact. Because this is the goal of Innov-AI: no intermediary between the expert and the need! I manage your projects = no waste of time and therefore money. All my years of research are at your disposal. In public, I contribute to our world by spending 16 years of R&D in Open-Source: MentDB Weak. The first Smart Earth tool. In private, I work on my strong artificial intelligence: MentDB Strong. The best of what i wrote...  

Daniela Payet - MQL developer
My name is Daniéla and I join with the greatest joy the company Innov-AI alongside Jim. A new challenge for me in a place where our common goals align. I am a woman of character and I rely on my great sense of adaptability to innovate in my own way within Innov-AI, which for me is an intriguing and competent company. So I'm happy to be part of it now.  

  • INSEE status: Registered at INSEE on 14-03-2018
  • Address: INNOV-AI, 1 Bis rue Alsace Corré 97413 Cilaos, Reunion Island, French Department
  • SIREN: 753 859 727
  • SIRET (siege): 75385972700020
  • Activity (NAF or APE code): Computer programming (6201Z)
  • Legal form: Individual entrepreneur

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