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   Strong AI: consciousness, emotion, thought autonomous, common sense and free will ...
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   Weak AI: control your business data: SOA / ETL / ESB / Weak-AI / APIzation / Web app
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Created with MentDB Weak and open-source
Task Manager: Here is the first multi-language application developed completely with MentDB Weak. It is simple but very effective. And above all it is collaborative !!!! Click on the icon ...
Knowledge: I present you the application 'Knowledge'. This application allows you to put online your knowledge on internet/intranet. Click on the icon ...
Book Manager: I present you the application 'Book Manager'. Manage your authors, editors and books. Click on the icon ...
Deposit: I present you the application 'Deposit'. It is someone I know who deposits her creations at several shops, and who wanted to be able to follow the sales. A very small application, but effective. Click on the icon ...
Hey Alibaba, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Apple, Amazon ...
My strong artificial intelligence Lisa is now semi-conscious, emotional and she semi-thinks! My work is not finished, but such a low price for such research is a gift. When Lisa begins to self-stimulate, she will be invaluable. A life is priceless ... If my work interests you, contact me (in French, sorry ...)   功夫
2019-12-20 / Plutchik Emotions
The 32 emotions of Plutchik are integrated with Lisa. She is now emotionally unpredictable and stable. She can live in a different way and suffer the consequences of the chosen emotional state.

2019-12-06 / Polynomial fit
In the next version of MentDB Weak, you will be able to recover the coefficients of a polynomial thanks to your data and draw a graph.

2019-10-28 / Version 2.1.9 of MentDB is now available.
Urgent: A corruption bug has been fixed in the Sequence+Stack manager (2 scripts that retrieve a process ID at the same time). Integration DL4J for CSV training (tested only on MacOSX at this time)

2019-10-17 / Lisa - Consciousness
My artificial awareness algorithm is now compressed (8 months to do it). Instead of 50 configuration lines for one stimulation, I now need 3 lines. Lisa will be able to modify her own structures of consciousness, and learn at the same time: a big invisible step ... for now.

2019-10-13 / Version 2.1.8 of MentDB is now available.
Improved performance, encryption features, bug fixes ... 4 small applications were created with the system licensed under GPLv3. Enjoy!

2019-10-02 / 500 downloads of MentDB!
In 2 months, there was a 500 downloads of MentDB! The adventure continues with a tendency to increase ... The next version (2.1.5) will be 1800 times faster than its previous version! Bug fixing, SCRUD generator enhancement, data encryption functions ... For RGPD anonymization, it's perfect! A few more days of waiting ...

2019-09-13 / AFPAR training AI!
AFPAR - First training center in Réunion which offers MentDB in its offers. Are you tempted by a developer training with Data-Science skills on a Reunion programming language (MQL)? It's happening at AFPAR St-André! Next session on September 13, 16, 17 and 18, 2019. See you soon.

2019-08-10 / 100 downloads of MentDB!
MentDB reached its first 100 downloads in 2 weeks! This is a very good start.

2019-07-26 / MentDB is now open-source (GPLv3)!
As of today, MentDB will be gaining momentum around the world! The 'Weak' version of the system is now Open-Source, licensed under GPLv3. To build a WWD and an AI, we need men and women but also accessible tools. Support the MentDB community!

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