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Welcome to MentDB (Mentalese Database). The platform provides tools for AI, SOA, ETL, ESB, database, web application, data quality, predictive analytics, chatbot ..., in a revolutionary data language (MQL). The server is based on a new generation of AI algorithm, and on an innovative SOA layer to reach the WWD.

Roadmap/Features Demo (fr for now)
Wold Wide Data (WWD) ?
WWD literally means 'World Wide Data'. It is a global strategy. A concept of widespread standardization of the exchange of data or intelligences in real time between companies and softwares in the world.
MentDB Strong (for sale for 50 million euros)
MentDB Strong is an attempt to start an autonomous consciousness into a machine. A strong artificial intelligence who thinks in his head like you and me when we are alone in our car. A digital brain with an innate Mentalese. The project is young and there is still a lot of development to be done.

Roadmap/Features Demo (fr for now) Forum
Mentalese ? What is it ?
Mentalese is the language of thought structuring the human brain. This language is able to accommodate different common languages and allows autonomy in a machine. Jerry Fodor The LOT
Create your web applications
Be quick to create web applications. Our code generator will help you!
Artificial Intelligence
Plug the AI into your data. Prediction and chatbot are waiting for you!
Extract Transform Load (ETL)
Move your data between software. 22 exchange protocols already integrated!
Asynchronous process (ESB)
Get treatment orders, and run them tomorrow at 10am or every x minutes!
Save time
Accelerate your developments. Harness our powerful data language (MQL)!
Accessibility of your data (SOA)
Control your Information System (IS). See your IS as a single entity!
Centralized deployment (SOA)
Activate your business processes remotely. You only deploy on one machine!
Security and High Availability
Secure your flow transfers with high-availability environment (clustering)!
Create your business processes
Efficiently streamline your business processes with our MentDB scheduler.
Quick APIsation
Generate your APIs in snapshots. Beat time records to create an API!
Safe data
Clean up your databases. No more duplicates and bad elements!
Developed by developers
MentDB was created for developers by developers. Offer luxury to your team!
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